As modern service providers, our companies ASRO, RHT and TRH are competent transport and service providers for the food industry. The business area covers the entire range in the field of liquid food transport, in particular dairy products, wines, juices, food alcohol, chocolate, cocoa, glucose, vegetarian oils, butter oils, etc., which we transport by road and rail by tankers and containers, as well as professional tank interior cleaning.


Our fleet consists of more than 50 vehicles, each with modern tank trailers and containers. These have 1 to 4 chambers and are partly equipped with heating, compressors and pumps.


Your partner in Eupen, Belgium for perfect internal tank cleaning of food transports. Located directly on the E40 motorway between Cologne and Liège, our experienced team awaits you and ensures that your tanks are cleaned professionally, quickly and reliably.

Our tank interior cleaning station has two cleaning lanes that can clean at the same time, a CIP cleaning line and a Co² filling system.

The sustainable success of our company is primarily based on our experienced and motivated employees – without them, nothing works. We are proud of our team and of their commitment which has led to important certifications over the years. This also includes audits of our customers.


Everything is related to everything – also in the business relationship with our suppliers. We want to make these relationships positive and cooperative, so that both sides contribute to joined value creation.


In 1974 the company “Transport Klaus Heinen” was founded by our parents. Over the years, the smaller cheese dairies vanished more and more but the company could grow in the wake of the globalization of the large milk companies.

In 2000, we, Roger and Astrid Heinen, took over our parents’ business with four trucks. After the fleet had already grown to 8 trucks by the end of 2006, the time had come to give up self-employment and found a stock corporation. On March 1, 2007, “Transport Roger Heinen AG” was founded.

In 2013, due to Luxembourg’s central location in Europe, we founded the “RHT” branch based in Weiswampach, Luxembourg, from where scheduling, administration and fleet ensure satisfied customers. Overall, our fleet has risen to 50 units due to the growing transport volume to date.

We also founded ASRO-Clean AG as an independent company in 2013. The result was one of the most modern tank interior cleaning systems that the market still has to offer today.

2018, our son Julien Heinen started his training as a chemical product specialist at ASRO. Since he completed this training very successfully at the end of July 2020, he has been working in human resources management and as a cleaning manager.

Since January 1, 2021, our son Louis Heinen, who completed very successfully his training as a mechanic, has been working for the company. He is involved as an independent transport company and actively supports fleet management, the workshop and dispatching.


Since July 2010, our Belgian subsidiary, “Transport Roger Heinen AG” with the abbreviation TRH, has been located at Textilstraße 13 in 4700 Eupen. This is where our trucks are maintained and cared for.

The central location of Eupen in the border triangle Belgium-Germany-Netherlands and not far from Luxembourg, where we founded the Luxembourg branch “RHT” at Gruuss-Strooss 29, L-9991 Weiswampach at the end of 2013, is a decisive advantage for meeting all customer requirements in the shortest possible time. Our offices with their appealing ambience are equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology and ensure perfect management and constant contact with our drivers. In this way, we are able to react directly to the demands or wishes of our customers.

The ASRO Clean tank cleaning system is located right next to our Belgian headquarters at Textilstraße 15 in 4700 Eupen.


ISO 22.000:2018